please just take the photographs from my hands.

my last post was about sending out engagement announcements. how soon is too soon to announce engagement and a wedding that is tentatively in the fall of 2011? do i just announce the fact that we're engaged & not even mention a time frame for a wedding? these are questions that i could use some ideas on.

i've already fallen in love with an amazing photographer. i think she truly captures the essence of what a wedding is supposed to be about: a union between two people in love. in my opinion, she photographs couples perfectly but showing their personalities and their chemistry and love without being too posy. i hate posy pictures. they don't seem real to me and don't represent who a couple is at all. mrs. bowen shows life, excitement, love, joy, and everything in between in her pictures. just check out her blog.

i've looked at quite a few photographer's websites & blogs and haven't been able to find anyone that compares. any other suggestions?

i feel like i need to get these engagement announcements going and since i want to include a nice engagement pic of the two of us, i should probably find a photographer soon too.


heard it through the grapevine.

i've been trying to avoid officially announcing our engagement - not because i'm ashamed or anything, but mainly because i know our wedding is over a year away and don't think it's quite necessary yet. immediate family, of course know. and people at work know. it's kinda hard to hide such a huge rock. ;)  but i haven't told friends or out-of-town family or even in-town family. because once you start telling a couple of people, shit starts going down. (the rock is on the right - ignore my chipping nail polish.)

 and i made that mistake the other day. i posted some pictures of our new house onto facebook and my aunt deanne commented saying how she couldn't wait to visit. so i said that i couldn't wait either and maybe she can see it when she comes down next november. well then both my aunt deanne and aunt susie jumped in and asked "why, what's happening in november?" damn you facebook.

and then my mother informed me that my grandma was getting her haircut by my tía tk when my tía exclaimed that she was excited for my aunt deanne and aunt susie to come down. of course, since i haven't told my grandma yet, she was wondering why.

so i think we're going to get some nice engagement photos done and send some engagement announcements soon. like in the next month or so i hope. that way i'll be able to tell everyone at once and avoid the "why haven't you told me?" chaos.  i found a photographer that i just love - jennifer bowen - so i guess i should probably contact her soon to get some pricing info and such. unless anyone has any other ideas of who can do some beautifully amazing pictures for us. i was thinking of finding a photographer that wouldn't mind traveling down to tucson so we could do some on the u of a campus - since that's where we spent most of our time at together. then maybe doing some somewhere here in aj/mesa since that's where we'll be starting our futures together. i think it'll be fun. can't wait.


how sweet he is.

being engaged is great. i truly enjoy it this time around. i'm proud to wear the ring chris picked out and not just because it's a bigger rock. but because i love chris. i love (almost) everything about him. his quirkiness. his sarcasm. his ability to always make me laugh - even the times i want to the least. his excitement about our future. the fact that he will watch shows like desperate housewives or dancing with the stars with me. the fact that he puts up with me.  his laugh. his goofy faces.  his eyes. the fact that he is trying so hard to be a better boyfriend (than he was before). he is truly a wonderful person. sure, he has plenty of flaws, but we all do. i know i have my fair share of them. i love him. i love being engaged to him. and i love the fact that soon i'll be his wife. :)